Small to medium practice firms and auditors still place heavy reliance on paper documents to perform auditing processes. However, the need to deliver consistent audit quality has added pressure on audit practices. One key hinderance on migration to CAAT has been cost considerations. Auditproo is leading the change on the great SMP migration to CAAT audits.

A paperless audit is a more effective auditing solution because it doesn’t require you to complete your documents, get them copied, and more. Instead, a paperless auditing solution will let you complete the overall auditing process by accessing your records online. At the end of the process, you will get a detailed report by email or download from Auditproo.

Whether you want to have a collaborative auditing solution to take the pressure from your audit team away, or you want to have an attractive paperless auditing solution, Auditproo is your best option.

  • Auditproo is an all-in-one auditing solution that will allow you to conduct assurance engagements, analysis, and audit reporting engagements all in one tool.
  • Auditproo is a streamlined, effective, and efficient solution you can have for any audit process needs.

In addition to that, Auditproo also provides you enhanced flexibility with its substantive built-in tools and templates. Moreover, you can also create content to align it with your firm’s standards. Auditproo is one stop tool for your audit assurance engagements. Auditproo simplifies your audit process.

Below are some of the reasons why Auditproo is a beneficial paperless auditing solution for your business.

Risk management and control solution

You can leverage on auditproo’s structured work programmes and substantiative issues to drive effective risk management. This plug-and-play auditing software comes up with everything you need to make your firm more efficient in the best possible way.

Enhanced accuracy

Auditproo is an enhanced audit optimizer that offers you solutions for paperless audits especially with the pandemic risk on paper records. The structured approach will help you in error reduction. There will be no rekeying of information from the client’s side. So, errors can be eliminated easily.

Real-time collaborations

Auditproo is here to make your audit team more efficient with real-time collaborations feature. It will ultimately reduce your non-working time significantly. Moreover, it is also a highly cost-effective solution that you can consider in this regard.

Do you have a query in this regard? Feel free to contact the Auditproo team for the right solution.

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  1. Ammon Kizito February 8, 2021 at 4:02 pm

    The annoying thing about audit is that the evidence presented keeps growing. Even for the same client, you find that the documents required are more than previous year – I just don’t seem to understand why. With documents in digital format, it does not matter how many the client presents.

  2. Friday Bello August 19, 2021 at 3:57 pm

    Keeping documents in digital format is saving the information for posterity. The author was not exhaustive on the benefits of migrating to digital. For example when we migrated, it became very easy to track the quality of our work. Overtime, we have come to even laugh at some of the things we were doing not many months ago, somethings that are no longer permissible in the firm. Its much easier to conduct training using auditproo.

  3. Eliot Shekoni August 20, 2021 at 3:59 pm

    I am on the advanced package in auditproo and was wondering if anyone here has tried the trial balance and audit journal features; I plan on migrating the end to end audit process from manual spreadsheets and journals are an integral part of the audit. Can someone please advise?

  4. Benjamin Appah August 20, 2021 at 5:01 pm

    This thing is just the solution for troublesome clients. I have previously been accused by a client of losing their sensitive documents; I bet they were disgruntled because of the management letter issues that I had written, unfortunately even my manager sided with them. What I like about auditproo is, just ask the client to scan the evidence and I store it in digital form, again another blessing, who wants to touch papers with this covid thing in the air?

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